Corpus Fund


Building of a corpus fund is important, in order to ensure smooth sustenance of an organisation. If a sizeable corpus exists, the core activities of the organisation can still continue in the period when grants and external help are not available.

Sahyadri Corpus Fund seeks to identify, inform, interest and involve alumni, parents, business and professionals and friends in building up a strong financial base for the purpose of extending support to young talents to achieve their dreams and reach their desired destinations without any financial constraints. It is hoped that through this process potential donors will recognize that their involvement and ultimately their financial support is a critical link in the life of the the students and communities it serves.


To encourage association between local business and industry and the college.

To promote excellence and innovation within the academic programs at the college.

To serve as ambassadors in the community to promote the goals of the college.

To seek support from individuals, business fraternity, institutions and associations to ensure educational opportunity for residents in the community.

To develop the best human resource for research activities in the Institution.

To develop centers of Excellence in the specialized field of new technology and system management.

To provide Financial Assistance to Fundamental Research in Engineering, Science and Management Science

To develop infrastructure for the growth of research activities

To Enter into a MoU with centers of higher learning in the related fields of research